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Is Your Mobile Phone’s Wi-Fi Failing? Try These Potential Fixes

It can be frustrating if your smartphone’s Wi-Fi stops working for no obvious reason. Even if you succeed in technically connecting the device to a Wi-Fi network, you could still find yourself lumbered with slow speeds or intermittent connectivity. Here are some potential remedies…

Check That the Wi-Fi is Switched On

This might strike you as an overly obvious step to take, but you would be surprised how many people overlook it. Dive into your device’s connectivity settings to see if the Wi-Fi one is actually switched on.

If the Wi-Fi toggle is greyed out, this could be because the phone is in Airplane mode — in which case, you will be able to disable it in a different part of the settings.

Turn Off Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a form of connectivity you might only need in specific situations, such as when you want to play music through wireless headphones.

For this reason, you probably wouldn’t lose anything from turning off your smartphone’s onboard Bluetooth signals — especially since, like Wi-Fi signals, they are transmitted over a 2.4GHz radio frequency. As a result, Bluetooth can sometimes slow down Wi-Fi or block access to it altogether.

Reboot the Router and Mobile Phone

Yes, you should reboot the former first — by unplugging it from the wall. Since it would be wise for you to wait a few minutes after unplugging the router and then again after plugging it back in, you could use that time to reboot the mobile phone as well.

Once you have finished rebooting both devices, activate the phone’s Wi-Fi again and test it. If this doesn’t work, the crux of the problem could lie in the device’s hardware.

Replace the Wi-Fi Antenna

The mobile phone parts suppliers here at iGadget stock Wi-Fi antennas for various smartphone models. If you live in New Zealand and are encountering Wi-Fi issues with one of those devices even after following all of the other tips in this article, the phone’s existing Wi-Fi antenna might be faulty.

By getting in touch with mobile phone parts suppliers, you can have a replacement Wi-Fi antenna sent out to your New Zealand postal address. You are also welcome to call us on 0508 IGADGET for advice on how to install the new antenna.

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