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Picking Up an Apple Watch? 5 Tips for Making the Most of It

It's no coincidence that Apple is now one of the richest tech companies globally. The Cupertino company has created a huge network around its products.

Owning an iPhone often prompts an interest in complementary devices like iPads and wireless chargers, creating a seamless and interconnected user experience. The Apple Watch however is often underestimated. Here are our tips to maximise its utility. 

Load up the Music App

The Music app works much as it does on the iPhone and iPad in that it lets you stream songs, albums and playlists as well as listen to Apple-run radio stations. 

With the Apple Watch though, you can enjoy the convenience of on-the-go music, offering quick access (without your iPhone) that is perfect for workouts. 

Switch to the Podcasts App

Podcasts have become so popular that we probably all have our favourite podcasts by now. Whatever yours are, you can listen to them via Apple’s Podcasts app on the Watch.

Don’t forget to also subscribe to those podcasts so that you are quickly notified when they are updated with new episodes.

Track Your Workouts

How do you like to keep fit? Perhaps you often walk, jog or cycle to work, swim in a local pool or even practice yoga. These are all activities that you can track with the Watch’s Workouts app. You can trust the app to time your exercise sessions and calculate the calories burned.

Chat to Siri

To activate Siri, just hold down on the Digital Crown (that’s the rotating dial on the side of the device).

Once you have summoned Siri, you can ask this voice assistant a wide range of questions, like how to translate a given phrase or find a local restaurant.

Accessorise the Apple Watch

If you intend to wear it while engaging in physical activity, you could help to protect the wearable from damage by investing in a case and a screen protector. We stock both for numerous Watch models.

If you would love to charge both an Apple Watch and an iPhone at the same time with just one Apple wireless charger, our NZ company could come to your rescue. You are welcome to browse our website to see what watch accessories we can dispatch to Kiwi customers nationwide.

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