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How Wireless Charging Can Breathe New Life into Old Phones

What smartphone do you use as your main device every day? If you're heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, you might still be using an iPhone X, 8, or 8 Plus regularly - and there’s no shame in that. iPhones are known for maintaining their speed and reliability even years after purchase.

The iPhone models mentioned above from late 2017 still receive security patches occasionally but are not capable of running iOS 17, the latest major release of Apple's smartphone operating system. You can breathe new life into your old phone by ordering a wireless iPhone charger for delivery to a New Zealand address.

How to Wirelessly Charge iPhones 

Did you know that all iPhone models released since 2017 can be charged with Qi-certified wireless chargers? You do now. This kind of charger is easy to use, too. You can start by connecting the charger to power using a power adapter.

Once you've positioned the charger according to the manufacturer's recommendations, place the iPhone itself, with its display facing upwards, on the charger. A few seconds later, the iPhone should begin charging.

All iPhones released since the iPhone 12 models in late 2020 can alternatively be powered up with MagSafe chargers. If you have a compatible iPhone, you can attach a MagSafe charger to the back of it and even hold and use the device while it's charging.

Benefits of Wirelessly Charging an iPhone 

You can place a wireless charger anywhere it's conveniently within reach for you. Good options for the charger’s location could include your workspace (whether or not you are working from home) or bedside cabinet.

Have you ever woken up in the morning only to realize that your iPhone ran out of battery because you forgot to charge it the night before? This mishap is less likely to happen when you can recharge an iPhone by simply placing it on a mat on your bedside cabinet instead of plugging in a cable.

We would be delighted to send a Qi-certified or MagSafe wireless iPhone charger to an NZ property you call home. Feel free to look up either type of accessory among the product listings on our website — and call 0508 IGADGET if you want to ask us questions about any of the products we stock.

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