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Does Your Device’s Charging Cable Need Replacing?

Usually, when a charging cable is damaged, it’s not hard to notice. After all, we use charging cables pretty often — and, with us often picking them up, getting them tangled up and perhaps even stepping or tripping on them, wear and tear can inevitably arise. 

On some occasions, though, you might attempt to charge a device only to realise that… well, the battery percentage just isn’t going up. Whether you use — for example — a iPhone, iPad or MacBook charger cable, here are some ways to find out if it could need replacing altogether.

Look Over the Cable for Visible Damage

Is any part of the cable ripped, bent or cut? Any such instances of damage to the cable can be enough for it to malfunction. 

However, you would have even more to worry about if any of the wire inside is exposed — as continuing to use the cable in this situation can too easily cause an electric shock or fire hazard. 

To put a long story short: if the cable is visibly damaged and no longer works, these combined reasons would sufficiently justify you buying a whole new cable.

See How Long the Charging Process Takes 

No, you don’t necessarily have to time it right down to the second. Let’s assume that you bought a MacBook five years ago and still use the same charging cable with it. Do you remember roughly how long it would take you back then to fully recharge the device with that MacBook charger cable? 

If so, does recharging with that same machine and cable now take noticeably longer than it did back then? If it does, be warned that heat could build up to a dangerous extent within the enclosure of your MacBook, potentially damaging it or lowering its battery capacity as a result. 

The Cable Fails to Connect Properly with the Device 

Have you found that, when the device should charge, it actually doesn’t unless you push the charging cable into its port particularly hard or wriggle the cable’s connector around meticulously there? In either case, the cable may have incurred damage. 

No matter where you reside in New Zealand, we can send you, say, an iPhone, iPad or MacBook charger cable quickly and efficiently. To learn more about how you can get hold of that cable, please reach out to our team by phone on 0508 IGADGET. 

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