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Wireless Charging vs Wired Cable Charging: Which Is Better?

Which is better - wireless charging or wired? This is a question that some people often struggle with, but rest assured that iGadget has got your back. In fact, in this blog, we will explore wired charging vs wireless charging and which one is better for you. 

Let’s begin!

Wired Charging

Wired charging involves the traditional cable and charger or power adapter. This is the most common way of charging devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, so it is not surprising to find that many people will choose this option. Wired charging, in particular, is considered to be significantly faster than wireless charging, with most fast chargers able to charge your phone to 50% (from 0%) in just 15 or 30 minutes. This means that wired charging can be an efficient way to charge your phone. 

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging takes away the cables needed, allowing you to charge your phone without having it connected to something else. This doesn’t mean that you’ll still be able to use your phone when charging - wireless charging pads require your phone to be put down on the pad, so you actually won’t be able to use it as it charges. Nonetheless, wireless charging offers benefits like reduced wear and tear (no need to constantly buy new cables) and has the ability to charge various devices (that are compatible with wireless charging). 

Which is Better?

Which type of charging is better can depend on your own situation - both are convenient in their own way, so it can depend on which type of convenience you prefer. In some cases, having both wired and wireless charging options may be something to consider. 

When it comes to wireless vs wired charging, the best one for you can depend on your individual needs, preferences, and requirements. No matter if you prefer wireless or wired charging, iGadget stocks a collection of chargers and cables for various devices. For the best wireless charger in NZ, browse our website today - free shipping is available on orders over $99. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact us for any further questions about our products or service. 

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