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Got a New Phone? 5 Potential Ways to Repurpose Your Old One

If you’ve recently upgraded to a new smartphone, it might be just because it comes with features that you know would make your life appreciably easier.

As a result, your old handset might remain very usable. In this case, you could find fresh purposes for it, such as those detailed below — perhaps with the help of some phone accessories our NZ store offers.

Load it up with offline audio content 

That material can include songs, audiobooks and podcasts. Once all of this is on the device, you can connect it to some headphones and bring back nostalgic memories of the iPod age — a time when you could listen to music on a portable device without having to fret about online connectivity. 

Turn it into a GPS navigation device 

Given how many things we use our phones for these days, it probably shouldn’t surprise that it can too often run out of battery juice during lengthy trips. 

However, you could help to guard against this risk by repurposing your old phone as a dedicated GPS gadget. You can give it a navigation app that will let you download offline maps.

Refashion it as a dedicated e-reader

It’s perfectly possible to read e-books on a ‘daily driver’ smartphone — but this could also be riddled with too many potential distractions. 

That’s why it can be a good idea to revert an old phone to factory settings before leaving e-reader apps like Amazon Kindle and Apple Books among the relatively scarce software on the phone.

Make it a digital photo frame

Does your old phone have particular photos you are keen to look back on as a reminder of good times? If so, keep in mind that the Google Photos app enables a device to run a slideshow where each of these photos would be shown in turn. 

Hand it down to a family member 

This is a classic thing to do with an old phone. However, you might not want to also hand down the accessories you originally bought with it. 

With many new smartphones now coming packaged without chargers for environmental reasons, you might be eager to keep your old charger for use with your new device. Meanwhile, a case and screen protector you have long used with the old smartphone could have grown worn over time. 

The good news is that a brand-new case, charger and screen protector are among the phone accessories our NZ-based company can dispatch to addresses nationwide. We invite you to browse our online store to see what stock we have available.

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