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Just Bought a New iPhone? How to Choose the Right Case for It

Many Apple fans will agree, that it’s exciting to buy a new iPhone, get it out of its packaging and breathe in that factory-fresh smell.

However, given how much you are likely to pay for an iPhone, you should make sure it is protected. We offer a wide range of iPhone cases to NZ residents, but how can you choose between the options?

Find the Right Fit for Your Specific iPhone Model

If you aren’t certain what model you have, you can find out by opening the iPhone’s Settings app, tapping General and then hitting About.

Several iPhone models are similar enough to be compatible with the same cases. For example, 2017’s iPhone 8 and the 2020 and 2022 models of the iPhone SE all have essentially the same design.

Make Durability a Priority

Naturally, the point of an iPhone case is to keep the device itself intact and undamaged if you accidentally drop it. For this reason, before opting for any given case, you should ask yourself how confident you are that it would actually protect the encased device from the likes of scratches and cracks.

Of course, you are bound to know better than anyone else how clumsy you are — and you might not want to go with an overly thick case if you wouldn’t be happy with how it feels in your hand.

Think Carefully About the Style and Colour 

Deciding on a specific aesthetic and colour for your next iPhone case might seem like a simple enough process. You may have a certain hue already in mind that goes well with the colour of the phone, or you might decide on the basis of personal or sentimental factors (for example, the colours of your favourite sports team).

But it is also worth giving some thought to the “timelessness” of your protective case’s look. A case in solid black or blue, for instance, might age a little better than one with a quote from a currently “trendy” meme, for example.

Set a Case Budget

When it comes to iPhone cases, you can very much get what you pay for. So, while a cheap case might suffice if you don’t exactly have a history of regularly dropping your phone, a higher-end case could also turn out to be a great-value one if it saves your expensive iPhone from an early death.

We at iGadget can deliver attractive and practical iPhone cases to NZ customers nationwide. If you have any questions about our postal policies, feel free to call our team on 0508 IGADGET.

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