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5 Good Reasons to Give Your Kids Your Old Smartphone

So, you have bought a new smartphone to replace an existing, ageing one — but what will happen to that? It could easily end up collecting dust in a drawer or sitting in a landfill. If you have kids, you could just hand the device down to them — for the following reasons…

The Device Likely Remains Zippy 

Smartphones don’t show their age as quickly as they used to, thanks to sophisticated processors that continue to pack a punch even years down the line. Nonetheless, before giving your kids your old phone, it's a good idea to test it to see if they might find it slow for their needs.

You Don’t Have to Spend Money on a New Device

You are bound to appreciate this particular plus point in these financially challenging times. Additionally, you'd be making a positive impact on the environment. According to Apple, roughly 80% of an iPhone’s total lifetime carbon emissions come about during its production

The Kids Can Play Games on It

Once you have restored the smartphone to factory settings, you shouldn't worry about running out of storage on the device when downloading games onto it.

If storage does threaten to become a problem, consider enabling your children to stream games via a service like Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

It Can Serve as a Dedicated Music Player

Remember the glory days of the iPod? It was a hugely popular device when slower internet speeds made playing music offline much easier than online.

Your kids can get a sense of those days by downloading a large library of music, from Spotify for example, onto the device.

You Can Keep the Kids Entertained on Road Journeys

If you want to avoid the dreaded cries of “are we there yet” during lengthy trips in the car with your kids in the back seat, consider selecting from our wide range of car phone holders in the NZ online store run by iGadget. 

The holder securely holds the phone, such as on the back of a front seat, so that your kids can just sit back, relax and enjoy the content on the screen. 

We can deliver car phone holders to NZ addresses nationwide. For more information about any of these products and how we can provide them, please give us a call on 0508 IGADGET.

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