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How to React to a MacBook Battery Refusing to Charge

Given the portability of a MacBook, it would be tragic if you had one but weren’t able to charge it. If you are in this situation, there are many things you can do to trace the source of the problem for both a Macbook and a Macbook Air charger. 

Check the Battery’s Health 

Head into the MacBook’s System Settings before clicking Battery. One section called Battery Health will say ‘Normal’ (meaning that the battery is functioning as it should) or ‘Service recommended’ (when the battery needs to be replaced soon).

Reboot the MacBook

Sometimes when a MacBook battery fails to charge, the culprit is a hardware issue you can rectify by rebooting the device.

So, how do you reboot it? Simply by clicking two things on the MacBook: the Apple logo in the on-screen interface’s top left corner and then Restart.

Inspect the MacBook’s Charging Port 

It’s possible that dust or dirt has accumulated in the laptop’s charging port and prevented the charger from establishing a solid connection with the device.

Inspect the port and, if you do see any foreign objects in there, remove them with a non-metal object like a cotton bud or wooden toothpick.

Reset the SMC

This acronym stands for System Management Controller, which manages the battery and controls the MacBook’s battery status indicator lights.

If the MacBook has Apple silicon, just restart the device to reset its SMC. If the MacBook has an Intel chip, the process to follow depends on whether or not the battery is removable.

If it is, then turn off the Mac and remove its battery before pressing and holding its power button for several seconds. You can now reinstall the battery before turning the MacBook back on.

What if the battery can’t be removed? In that case, shut down the MacBook, hold down a power button along with the Shift, Control and Option keys simultaneously for ten seconds and, after releasing those keys, turn the MacBook on by pressing the power button.

Consider Replacing the Charger 

The charger could be to blame if it is not delivering any power to the MacBook at all. Looking to buy a MacBook Air charger? We would be happy to post one to your NZ address; just use our website to see the products and shipping options we offer.

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