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Hello and welcome to iGadget! The place to find the Highest Quality Mobile, Laptop and Tablet Repair Parts. We thoroughly check all of our goods, working with reliable suppliers so that you only receive the best quality product. 

It is our Mission to be New Zealand's largest and best supplier of High Quality Mobile, Tablet and Laptop parts at the best price. We aim to always provide our customers with a great experience, the best customer service and incredible Warranties. We want iGadget to be the first place you think of when needing electronic parts including:

iPhone parts
iPhone screen
iPhone battery replacement
iPad parts
iPad screen
Wireless chargers
Screen Protectors
And more 

Here at iGadget we started our humble beginnings in a west corner of Auckland and have quickly become one of New Zealand's most trusted and reliable repair and parts source companies. We keep up to date with the ever growing technology advances so we can ensure the best solutions for your needs.

We know there are companies out there all too ready to rip you off, provide shoddy service and give you dodgy products and that is just not what we believe in. You see it everywhere and we want you to be able to know as soon as you see our iGadget logo, you know you are getting the best.

Our carefully selected suppliers and Certified Technicians form a solid foundation that means we can guarantee you are getting the best products, professional and excellent service and when it comes to repairing your phone you can be sure it will be fixed to the highest standard. We have sourced the best parts from our high quality manufacturers around the world including the US and our homeland which means we have the best warranties in the industry.

We believe in the DIY spirit of New Zealand so we can support you in that too! We have the tools and products available for you to purchase and you can even check out our helpful DIY videos on our youtube channel or keep an eye out for helpful tips and tricks through our other social media sites.

Our all-rounder company also sells refurbished iPhones, iPads, Mac Books and iMacs. Our technicians put them all through stringent point checks and provide quality ratings that inform our customers of exactly what they are buying and assures them of an excellent product.

We are New Zealand wide so make sure you come to us and let iGadget fix your gadgets. Make sure to check out our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube pages to keep up to date with our products and competitions!

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