Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale Inquiries

We already provide a range of parts for repair shops all over New Zealand. We work with suppliers from all over the World to source our parts, seeking for the highest quality at a reasonable price so we can provide you with excellent parts for your customers. 

WHY Choose iGadget for your Wholesale Parts?

12 Month Warranty

For Repair Stores, we offer a 12 Month Warranty on all our parts. Thats right. A.12.Month.Warranty! The best part is, you don't have to deal with the suppliers themselves or the high return costs to them all over the world to get an exchange or refund. Most of the time that would cost you more than the item. You deal directly with us, send the part to our return centre in Auckland and you will get a replacement in your next order.



We also do a range of discounts for repair stores starting with just 1 item. Our discounts are quantity based -  the more you buy the bigger the discount! Our discounts are based on groups of products, rather than individual items meaning you can get discounts on batteries without having to order large quantities of the same one. For more details contact us here.


Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our Excellent customer service. We work hard to make sure every email is answered within hours with 24 hours being our maximum. We have expert knowledge of all our products to help you out with issues that may arise or questions you might have.


Quality Parts

We are always trying new suppliers and testing new products to make sure we always have the best quality for the best price. We are currently using over 9 different suppliers for our parts because Quality is our Priority. We look for all the small things that make a difference, such as making sure our iPhone Home Buttons include a new rubber gasket, volume and power flex cables that have pre-installed metal brackets and batteries have TI chipsets so you can see iOS battery health statistics. All of this and more is carefully chosen to make sure the Repair is easier and more Professional for your business.



We are based in Auckland and are a New Zealand GST registered company. All parts that are in stock are here in New Zealand ready to be sent. We get shipments in every month to make sure our stock is always up-to-date.


Fast Shipping

We use CourierPost for all our shipping needs. Shipments to the North Island and Most of South Island are overnight (depending on size of package). We do options for Saturday deliveries also for those urgent parts. Just get in contact with us for special urgent orders. We can even do same day deliveries for Auckland orders if needed.

To create a Repair Store account with pre-loaded discounts, contact us today and we will set it up for you!


PLEASE NOTE: Wholesale Accounts are not eligible for Free Shipping