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Why getting a new battery for an old smartphone is a cost-effective move

How long do you tend to keep hold of a smartphone before replacing it? Chances are that you seriously consider upgrading to a new handset when the existing one starts appearing to run out of battery much more quickly than it used to.

The lithium-ion batteries of modern smartphones typically start showing issues after about three or four years — or roughly 300 to 500 charge cycles. However, when this starts happening to your own phone, it can make a lot more financial sense to replace just its battery rather than the entire device.

How much would you really gain with a new phone?

For a while now, the rate of innovation in the smartphone market has been slowing. A smartphone originally bought in, say, 2019 can handle demands of today’s apps surprisingly well.

Let’s assume that your current ‘daily driver’ is the Samsung Galaxy S10, which was unveiled in 2019 as what was then a high-end model. You could have to pay well over $1,500 for the much newer Samsung Galaxy S23 — and you might not notice the improvements as much as you had anticipated.

Conversely, you could simply get a Samsung battery replacement in NZ for your Galaxy S10 — and spend less than $20 in the process. That’s the kind of pricing you can expect from iGadget.

You can take the DIY approach to battery replacement 

Though you can pay for someone to replace a phone’s battery on your behalf, it’s also possible for you to shell out for just the battery and then install it yourself.

A Samsung Galaxy S10 owner, for example, can go down this route by arranging for our team at iGadget to provide them with a Samsung battery replacement in NZ. We offer new batteries for a wide range of Samsung smartphone models, however — including the Galaxy S9 and S8.

Through our website, you can not only check out what smartphone batteries we have in stock but also ask us to deliver an Apple or Samsung battery replacement to an NZ address of your choosing. Have any questions? Just ask us them by phoning our customer support line on 0508 IGADGET.

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