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A smartphone is an expensive investment and one that is critical to our day-to-day life. We use it to talk to friends, check on our children and keep in touch with loved ones. We work through it, using it for endless emails, calls, and video calls. We chat on social media on it. We shop via it. We check our bank accounts and store our digital travel passes on them. It is a major connection to every area of our lives.

It's because our smartphone is this vital that we worry about it so much. We want it to function at its best and look in pristine condition all of the time. Meanwhile, one of the most vital parts of your phone - its screen - is prone to cracks and scratches. 

It's for this reason that one of the most popular phone accessories in New Zealand is a screen protector. But does your smartphone need one? Here are some things to consider.


If your smartphone is a Samsung then it will most likely have a screen made from a strong type of glass called Gorilla Glass. Likewise, an iPhone uses Ceramic Shield glass for this purpose. These materials limit the amount of damage that can be done to your phone's screen, making it less likely to scratch or crack. 

However, as strong as these materials may be, they are not infallible. If you drop your phone in the wrong way or against the wrong surface, it can still crack. If your phone's screen rubs against a particularly hard substance then it will scratch. If you use a screen protector, this adds an extra level of protection and ensures that your phone remains as safe as possible. 


You may look at screen protectors and think that you would rather save your money. However, this often turns out to be a false economy, especially if your screen winds up getting badly damaged. 

Screen repairs can be very expensive. If you crack your screen badly, it can really put you out of pocket by a lot of money and you will kick yourself for not having bought the protector.  

If you want to buy a screen protector or any other phone accessories nz, please get in touch. 

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