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How to tell if your Samsung smartphone is compatible with wireless chargers

We at iGadget are proud to be able to deliver high-quality Samsung chargers to NZ addresses. Still, you might not have realised that it is perfectly possible these days to charge Samsung smartphone batteries using something other than the familiar, traditional plug-and-cable method.

In recent years, we have seen a new category of smartphone charging product emerge: the wireless charger! Wireless chargers have only risen in popularity relatively recently. So, what should you look for in terms of wireless chagrin compatibility? 

Where to look for details of wireless charging compatibility 

Of course, if you have a Samsung smartphone you bought brand new, you could look inside the booklet that was originally packaged with the device and written to explain basics of how it should be used.

What if the device is instead a preowned unit and was not handed to you with this booklet? In that case, you could consult the Samsung website.

Look out for a wireless charger supporting the Qi standard 

Many smartphones — and not just from Samsung — now come with Qi support built in. This basically means that they work with what are referred to as Qi wireless chargers. 

Our own online store offers a wide range of Qi wireless Samsung chargers for NZ-based followers of the South Korean electronics giant. Before adding any further detail to this point, however, we should emphasise that not all Samsung smartphone models can be used with these chargers.

On the flip-side, those that can include:

  • All Samsung Galaxy S smartphones since the S6
  • All Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones since the Note 5 (except the Note 7)
  • The Samsung foldables the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Galaxy Z Fold 4

Alas, there’s bad news for owners of Samsung Galaxy A smartphones, as none of these will respond to Qi wireless chargers.

We are skilled in time-efficiently dispatching wireless Samsung chargers to NZ customers. If you own a Qi-ready Samsung smartphone, you could take advantage of that efficiency — but don’t be afraid to phone us on 0508 IGADGET beforehand if you have any remaining questions about these products.

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