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How to Extend the Life of Supposedly ‘Outdated’ Devices

It can be too easy to class a device as ‘outdated’ just because it uses ‘old’ tech, like a basic LED display or a micro USB port. 

However, as about 80% of a device’s total lifetime carbon emissions can come from its production, you can do some good for the environment by resisting the temptation to replace devices you currently have.

Install Software Updates as They Become Available 

Every year, new, much-hyped devices are released — but many of their most meaningful features can actually be in the software rather than the hardware. As a result, they could also be bundled into software updates you would be able to install on your existing devices anyway. 

Buy Protective Coverings for Devices That Need Them

If, say, your smartphone or tablet computer has long had a case but it is now falling apart, buying a new one for the device can enable you to restore the level of protection it once had. 

We offer various device cases, and can deliver these — like any other products we stock — to addresses anywhere in New Zealand. 

Replace Worn or Broken Parts 

Often, when a device ‘breaks’, it can actually be just one specific part of it that breaks — a part you would be able to replace more easily than you might have previously assumed. 

We at iGadget can provide a wide range of screens and batteries suitable for smartphones, tablets, laptops and even smartwatches. 

Find New Purposes for Old Devices  

Even if a given device stops receiving software updates, this wouldn’t have to be a problem as long as you subsequently choose to disconnect the hardware from the internet. 

You could then repurpose the device in a manner that does not rely on online connectivity. For example, this machine could be used for playing music or essentially as a digital notepad. 

Get New Accessories Compatible with the Old Tech 

Don’t jump to the conclusion that this would necessarily be tricky. Let’s assume that a few of your devices still come with micro USB ports. If cables you used to regularly plug into these have started fraying, you could buy new micro USB cables from our team here at iGadget.

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