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3 Signs You Might Not Need to Upgrade to a New Smartphone

If you have had your current smartphone for a number of years, you might be starting to wonder about an upgrade. This kind of thinking is especially common when there’s a new smartphone on the market and you feel it could be an improvement on your current phone. 

However, upgrading to a new smartphone can be expensive – and isn’t always worth it. There’s a chance your smartphone can last months or years before a replacement becomes necessary. With that in mind, here are three signs that your phone might not need an upgrade after all.

1) You can still download software updates

If you’ve had your smartphone for a long time, it’s possible you’ve reached a point where you can no longer download software updates. However, if you’re still regularly receiving updates and your phone will allow you to install them, there’s no reason to upgrade just yet, as the new phone will have the same or similar software.  

If your latest update won’t download, don’t rush out and buy a new phone just yet. You might just need to clear some storage space so that your phone has room for the update – try deleting old messages and emails, or apps you don’t use.  

2) Parts can be replaced or repaired

Don’t despair if you’ve dropped your phone and now the screen is cracked – you don’t have to go looking for a new smartphone just yet. Many parts of your phone can be replaced, including the screen, and replacing individual components is often more affordable than upgrading. Even if your phone isn’t charging as quickly as it used to, the problem isn’t necessarily the phone itself – it could be that you just need a new charger.  

3) The battery life hasn’t significantly decreased

While it’s true that a smartphone’s battery tends to degrade over time, it can take years before the battery’s capacity has been reduced enough for it to cause problems for you. If your smartphone can still go all day or most of the day on a single charge, you probably don’t need to worry about the battery life just yet.  

If your smartphone is in need of repair but you don’t want to upgrade to a new model, iGadget have the answers. As mobile phone parts suppliers, we can provide new parts for your phone, so you can replace damaged components and keep it working for longer.

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