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How to Tell When Your iPhone Needs a New Battery

Is your iPhone battery not holding a charge as long as it used to? It could be a sign that your battery is in need of replacement. In this blog post, we'll explore the common indicators that iPhone batteries might be wearing out and provide you with tips to extend their lifespan.

Less Battery Life

One of the most obvious signs is a significant decrease in battery life. If you find yourself constantly reaching for the charger or your battery percentage drops rapidly even with minimal usage, it's likely time for a new battery. Additionally, your iPhone may unexpectedly shut down, especially when the battery level is still relatively high.

Swollen Appearance 

Another symptom of a deteriorating battery is a swollen or bulging appearance. If your 

iPhone feels thicker or the screen doesn't sit flush with the body, it could be due to a swollen battery, and swollen iPhone batteries need to be replaced. In fact, this is not only a clear indication that your battery needs replacing but also a potential safety hazard, so it's crucial to address it promptly.

Takes Longer To Charge 

Another thing to look out for is prolonged charging time. If your iPhone takes significantly longer to charge than it used to, it could be a sign of a degraded battery. Over time, iPhone batteries lose their ability to hold a charge efficiently, leading to extended charging times.

What To Do

To maximize your iPhone's battery life, consider optimizing your settings. Reduce screen brightness, disable unnecessary background app refresh, and limit location services for apps that don't require them. Additionally, keeping your iPhone's software up to date ensures efficient battery management. However, at some point, all iPhone batteries will wear out, and that’s when it’s wise to speak to the experts for advice and to get the right battery for you. 

When it comes to replacing your iPhone battery, it's important to rely on professional services. At iGadget, we offer reliable iPhone batteries for quick replacements performed by experienced technicians. Our team will ensure a smooth battery replacement process, restoring your iPhone's performance and battery life.

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