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5 Tips for Keeping Your Smartphone Safe While on Holiday

When it comes to holiday packing, it can be imperative to pack a smartphone. However, you should also take precautions to help ensure that the device remains safe throughout your trip.

Here are a few examples of steps you can take — including keeping on top of software updates and picking up a waterproof phone pouch our NZ-based business would be able to provide for you.  

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

You might see plenty of places — from the airport to your hotel, not to mention a string of shops and cafes — offering ‘free Wi-Fi’. However, open Wi-Fi spots like these can be lax in their security, leaving their users easy prey for hackers. Strive to use your device’s cellular internet connectivity instead.

Insert the Device into a Waterproof Pouch 

If your home country is New Zealand, you could have us at iGadget deliver a waterproof phone pouch to an NZ address before you set off. That way, for trips to a beach or swimming pool, you would be able to take the handset with you without having to fret about it possibly incurring water damage.

Make Sure the Software is Fully Updated 

This is another thing you should do before you go. Remember that if your smartphone’s operating system and apps have been updated to the latest versions, there will be less chance of the software having security holes that a budding hacker would be capable of exploiting.

Lock Your Phone 

In other words, make sure that someone would have to enter a passcode or get past a biometric recognition check before being able to access data on the device. 

Invest in a Drop-Resistant Case

Who hasn’t accidentally dropped their smartphone at one point or another? For that reason, if your smartphone currently doesn’t have a case, you ought to invest in one — and a strong and sturdy one at that. Kiwis can use iGadget’s online store to order such protection for their smartphones. 

Through planning your getaway far in advance and heeding the above pieces of advice, you can put yourself at ease for when the holiday itself begins. In using our website, you can arrange delivery of a high-quality case and waterproof phone pouch to the NZ address of your home.

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