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Should I upgrade to IOS 16.1?

Should I upgrade to IOS 16.1?

On 24th October 2022, Apple announced the release of the latest iOS update - iOS 16.1. This update has been announced nearly a month after the release of iOS 16. The iOS 16.1 comes power-packed with several new features and has tweaked certain previously available interface options.


This latest iOS software brings with it some minor software refinements, some much-needed bug fixes, and a line of new features such as Live Activities. Along with all of this, it also brings to the table the iCloud Shared Photo Library which will make it easier for you to share photos and videos with your loved ones.


With this new iOS update, Apple has decided to create awareness among its users about the deteriorating environmental situation. The update can help you cut down your carbon footprint by using certain clean energy charging options.


One feature that everyone absolutely disliked about the earlier launched iOS 16 was the design of its battery percentage indicator. This time, Apple has paid heed to the reviews of its users and made the design of the battery percentage indicator a bit more appealing.


But should you upgrade to iOS 16.1 and what benefits will it have? Read to find out more..

●     iCloud Shared Photo Library

We all know it can be quite a hassle to share photos and videos with friends and family after a trip or a social engagement. However, Apple has tried to bring a solution to the table to resolve this issue with its iCloud Shared Photo Library. This feature allows you to effortlessly share your videos and photos with up to five chosen people at a time.


Anybody who has access to your iCloud Shared Photo Library will be able to edit, add, or delete content in it. You can directly upload pictures and videos from your smartphone camera to the library and then add the media to the library when you’re surrounded by people who have access to it.


That said, you cannot be a participant in two shared libraries at a single time. Therefore, if you move your media from your personal library to your shared library or vice versa, it will be available in only one library.

●     Live Activities and Lock Screen

If you own the latest iPhone 14 or the iPhone 14 Pro Max, then you’re going to love the Live Activities feature of the iOS 16.1 update. With the help of this feature, you’ll be able to view third-party app notifications such as from sports apps on the Dynamic Island and Lock Screen.

●     Apple Fitness Plus

With the latest iOS 16.1 update, you will no longer need an Apple Watch to get exclusive access to the Apple Fitness Plus. Therefore, you don’t need to rely on a watch anymore to track your footsteps while on the go or help you to meet your fitness goals. If you own an iPhone 8 or newer, then the iOS 16.1 update is a must-have to feed the fitness freak in you!

●     Lock Screen Updates

Another feature of the iOS 16.1 update that fans are raving about is the ability to customize the Lock Screen wallpaper. Simply go to the Settings app and tap on the Wallpaper section. You can either swipe through the existing wallpapers and choose the one that you like or even add tiled emoji patterns, weather patterns, astronomical images, and your personal photos as your Lock Screen wallpaper.

●     Battery Percentage Display

Models up and above the iPhone XR will now have the option to view their phone’s battery percentage in the battery meter icon. To make it easier for the users to view the battery percentage, the makers have also increased the font size with this update.

●     The Interface of Screenshot Editing Tools

Another major interface update with the iOS 16.1 is seen in the screenshot editing tools interface. Users can now edit any screenshots with the help of the editing menu. This menu will consist of the following options - delete, save, and copy. These options will be displayed at the top of your screen in a much less intrusive manner. In the previous iOS software, these editing tools were available at the bottom of the iPhone screen.

●     Clean Charging Setting

This latest addition to your phone can help you reduce your carbon footprint whenever you charge your smartphone. By activating this setting on your iPhone, your phone will selectively charge when the electricity that produces lower carbon emissions is available. When you first update your iPhone, this setting will be toggled on as a default, but you can turn it off by going to the Battery section >>> Battery Health & Charging of the Settings App.

●     Wallet App Upgrade and Smart Home Connectivity

All thanks to iOS 16.1, you can now share information about your hotel room, car, and other Wallet app information through WhatsApp and Messaging. Furthermore, if you own an Apple Card, then you can also grow your Daily Cash by putting your monetary savings into a high-yielding savings account.


However, if you’re not interested in the features of the Wallet App, you can also go ahead and delete it. The update also supports the latest smart home connectivity standard - Matter. Using it, you can directly control your smart devices such as Google Assistant and Alexa through your iPhone.

●     Other Bug Fixes

No software update is complete without some much-need bug fixes. The issues addressed are related to - CarPlay connectivity using a VPN app, Dynamic Island content view while using Reachability, and certain messaging glitches.

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