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3 Top Tips When You Replace Your Cracked Or Broken iPad Screen

Remember when you first took your new iPad out of the box and saw that lovely scratch-and-crack-free screen? It was a thing of beauty. Fast-forward to now, and even though you might have installed a screen protector, your screen is no longer pristine.

Our devices all suffer from some damage through everyday use, no matter how careful we are. Eventually, the time will come when you need to replace your iPad screen. Before you go ahead with this, read on for some top tips to ensure a successful and cost-effective screen replacement. 

  1. Warranty Status

Check the warranty status of your iPad when you need to replace the screen. If it is still under warranty, you should take your device to the nearest Apple store or Apple dealer for advice on how to proceed. You will nullify your warranty if you decide to undertake your own screen replacement.

  1. Replace Your iPad Screen With A High-Quality Product

Now that you have decided to go ahead and replace your iPad screen, you should look for a top-quality replacement product. Many companies manufacture spare parts for phones and tablets that use cheap materials and have products that just don’t last.

Buy your replacement screen from a reputable store that emphasises quality products as close to the original construction as possible at a reasonable price. See below for features to look out for in your replacement screen.

  1. Features To Look For When You Replace Your iPad Screen

When choosing a new screen for your iPad, look for a replacement product that has the following features to ensure that the new screen will work well and last a long time:

  • Choose a replacement with the original quality and thickness of the glass. Beware of screens with glass thicker than your original screen. It won't be easy to install, will not operate correctly and if it has a home button, you'll find it doesn't sit or press right.
  • Look for screens with flex cables, circuit routing and construction that matches the original.
  • Opt for a screen digitizer replacement for an all-in-one solution. This will have all the required small parts pre-installed to save you time and prevent headaches with the installation.
  • When you replace your iPad screen, ensure that the replacement screen has a pre-installed home button and camera bracket.
  • Seek an option with pre-installed pressure-activated tape and electromagnetic anti-static foam borders for the perfect repair to your iPad.
  • Buy a replacement product with a warranty for complete peace of mind on your purchase.

To successfully replace your iPad screen, contact iGadget today for a top-quality replacement product. Please browse our range online to find the perfect match for your iPad model. Our screen replacement kits are a complete solution to ensure a high-quality repair.

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