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Is It Bad To Use Non-Apple Chargers (& Can They Damage My iPhone)?

If your current iPhone’s power adapter breaks, you might have to buy a new one. Indeed, even if your existing iPhone adapter works fine, you may have to buy a new one anyway. This is because the Lightning standard that Apple once used for iPhones has been replaced by USB-C connectivity, with effect from 2023’s iPhone 15 series onwards.

USB-C chargers aren’t exclusive to Apple - in fact, you will find many non-Apple USB-C chargers. So, is it bad to use non-Apple chargers?

Do You Already Have a Spare iPhone Charger?

You might already have a spare iPhone charger lying around somewhere at home, given that it used to be typical for an iPhone box to come with a charging plug whether the customer strictly needed one or not.

As Apple now sells chargers separately for environmental reasons, it makes sense for the same reasons to check whether you already have a charger that you could use, instead of immediately buying a new one. However, you will still need to determine whether the charger you’re considering using is suitable for your phone.

Are Apple-Made Chargers the Only ‘Safe’ Ones for iPhones?

Let’s imagine that you have only recently bought your first iPhone. Or maybe you’ve upgraded to the iPhone 15 from an older (Lightning) iPhone,, and you don’t have any existing Apple-made USB-C chargers that you could use with your new device.

Apple’s own official iPhone chargers have a reputation for being expensive. So, you might understandably ask whether a (possibly cheaper) non-Apple charger can still be safe to use with your iPhone. The short answer is, yes it can be, as long as the charger meets certain safety standards.

What Standards Do You Need to Look Out For?

If your current iPhone has a Lightning port, one good idea could be to seek a charger certified under Apple’s MFi Program. This would confirm that the charger meets a quality threshold set by Apple itself.

What if you need a USB-C charger? Whereas Lightning is a proprietary standard owned by Apple, USB-C is an open standard used by many different companies. As a result, we recommend using USB-C chargers from renowned manufacturers.

All in all, then, is it bad to use non-Apple chargers? The answer is no, not necessarily! However, this depends on the specific charger that is used. Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to shop for high-quality chargers, including iPhone-supporting wireless chargers, right here at iGadget.

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