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7 Phone Accessories In NZ That Make A Great Gift

The festive season is fast approaching, so it's that time of the year to be on the lookout for suitable gifts for family and friends. Did you know that phone accessories make great gifts in NZ? 

Here are our top 10 gifting ideas to help you get started. You will find the perfect option for even the fussiest friends or family.

  1. Car Phone Holder

This is the perfect gift for a person who always wants to chat when driving. Car mounts come in various designs to suit all types of vehicles. You could also consider a car charger or even a wireless car charger - all great gifts for a friend that is always on the go.

  1. Selfie Stick

Among phone accessories in NZ, this is one of the most useful. While selfie sticks are not new, you will still find that some people still don’t own one. They are great for avid social media users, frequent travellers and vloggers.

  1. Mini Tripod

An alternative to the selfie stick is a mini-tripod. This is a great hands-free option for someone who loves to document everything they do with a photo. This is an excellent way for them to include everyone in the picture and the surrounding scenery. They can set the perfect angle and get a great shot every time.

  1. Ring Light

Another winner in phone accessories in NZ is the ring light. Available in tripod and attachable options, this great little invention will make sure that every shot you take has perfect lighting. There will be no need for insta-filters with one of these great gadgets.  

  1. Flash Drive For Your Phone

For that friend who is always complaining that they must delete photos because their phone is full. An external flash drive is a perfect solution. Quickly transfer photos, movies and documents from your phone to other devices such as your laptop.

  1. Gaming Phone Accessories In NZ

Controllers, headphones, finger sleeves, gaming keyboards and gaming mouse - to name just a few of the options. There are gaming phone accessories in NZ to fit every budget, so you can find the perfect gift for that special gamer in your life.

  1. Phone Cases

Last but not least, a phone case always makes a great gift if you are out of ideas. Choose the perfect option to match the personality of your loved one, from serious, plain covers to glittery, bling options.

Contact iGadget today and browse our massive range of phone accessories in NZ. You will find the perfect gift for everyone who loves their tech devices this festive season.

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