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6 Tips to Expand Your MacBook’s Lifespan

It’s no secret that MacBooks are expensive, but people who do buy them see them as an investment, given their day-to-day reliability and the lengthy cycle of support Apple provides for these workhorse machines.

However, those years of software updates can count for little if you fail to keep the hardware in good shape. Here’s how you can do exactly that with a MacBook.

Protect the Screen and Chassis 

That means applying a screen protector as well as inserting the MacBook’s enclosure into a case built to prevent the laptop from sustaining accidental damage.

Open and Close the Lid Gently

However cool you might think it looks for you to roughly open the MacBook’s lid or slam it shut, doing either on a regular basis can lead the device’s hinges to slowly loosen and eventually render the MacBook impractical to use.  

Keep the MacBook Away From Risky Places

We can probably all recall times when we have inadvertently spilt a drink across a keyboard or knocked a laptop off the edge of a desk. Do what you can to avoid leaving your MacBook in places where it could too easily meet any such fate.

Be Strategic with How You Recharge the Battery

Ideally, you don’t want to make a habit of draining and replenishing the battery’s charge entirely. It’s actually a better idea to maintain the charge level between 30% and 80%.

It might sound strange, but this tactic is less demanding on the battery and protects its charge capacity for longer.

Replace the Battery If It Is Losing Charge Capacity

You will know that this is happening if the MacBook’s battery starts running out of charge sooner than usual even when your usage patterns with the device haven’t changed. 

Look After the Charging Accessories 

Those include the power adapter, while you should invest in a new MacBook charger cable if the one you already have incurs damage.

We would be happy to provide you with a new MacBook charger cable, plus a range of other parts and accessories as and when necessary for you to use in effectively taking care of the device.

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