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iPhone 5 Battery Replacement | Premium Quality

5 IP515

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iPhone 5 Battery Replacement | Premium Quality

  • OEM Texas Instruments IC Chipset
  • Lithium-Ion Polymer
  • Voltage: 3.8V, 5.45Whr, Capacity: 1440MaH
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 models; A1428, A1429 and A1442
  • OEM Texas Instruments IC Chipset
  • Lithium-Ion Polymer
  • Voltage: 3.8V, 5.45Whr, Capacity: 1440MaH
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 models; A1428, A1429 and A1442
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Product Details

If your iPhone 5 won't turn on, is stuck in a boot loop, has a "service battery" warning, or simply won't hold a charge, this replacement battery may be what you need to fix it.

zero cycle

A typical cellphone battery has about 500 cycles before it is unable to maintain a charge of at least 80% of its original capacity. Made from new materials, our batteries have zero cycles ensuring the maximum number of cycles available to you.

  • Zero Cycle Count, therefore you have the maximum amount of cycles left
  • Lithium-Ion Polymer
  • Brand New materials
  • Strict QC testing
  • Less than 1% failure rate
  • 12 Month Warranty

safety certification

iGadget OEM iPhone 5 replacement batteries carry loads of certifications (FCC, CE, SDOC, IEC62133-2:2017, UN38.3, MSDS and even a 1.2m drop test certification) so you can trust you are buying a safe, reliable and long lasting Lithium Ion battery.

IEC62133 Certification Tests:

  • Insulation Resistance
  • Continous Charging
  • Short Circuit
  • Impact
  • Thermal Abuse
  • Crush
  • Overcharging
  • Forced Discharge
  • Shock and Vibration


The OEM Texas Instruments chip (also known as the 'gas gauge') measures and accurately communicates available capacity, voltage, current, temperature and other critical parameters for lithium-ion batteries.  An inadequate battery gas gauge will result in surprise shutdowns, overcharging, poor user experience and will ultimately lead to a quicker deterioration of your battery

  • Genuine OEM Texas Instruments Chipset (TIIC)
  • Accurate Communication to your device
  • Superior charging control - Stabilises charging, discharging and overcharging
battery adhesive

iGadget's OEM battery adhesive allows you to glue down the battery into your chassis while leaving pull tabs for you to be able to remove the battery if you need to later on

  • OEM Battery adhesive is included
  • Convenient
  • Easy-to-use


  • Compatible Part Numbers: 616-0610, 616-0611, 616-0613
  • Voltage: 3.8V
  • Watt Hours: 5.45Whr
  • Capacity: 1440mAh
  • Chipset: Texas Instruments
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer
  • Warranty: 12 Months
How do I find my Model number?

Compatible Model Numbers

iPhone 5 iPhone 5
Model Number (A Number)
  • A1428
  • A1429
  • A1442
How do I find my Mode number?

Part number icon iPhone 5 Model Numbers

Model Identifier
  • iPhone5,1
  • iPhone5,2
Device Number (M Number)
  • MD097
  • MD105
  • MD144
  • MD293
  • MD294
  • MD295
  • MD296
  • MD297
  • MD298
  • MD299
  • MD300
  • MD634
  • MD635
  • MD636
  • MD637
  • MD638
  • MD639
  • MD640
  • MD641
  • MD642
  • MD643
  • MD644
  • MD645
  • MD646
  • MD647
  • MD654
  • MD655
  • MD656
  • MD657
  • MD658
  • MD659
  • MD660
  • MD661
  • MD662
  • MD663
  • MD664
  • MD665
  • MD667
  • MD668
  • MD669
  • MD671
  • MD672
  • ME039
  • ME040
  • ME041
  • ME042
  • ME043
  • ME044
  • ME486
  • ME487
  • ME488
  • ME489
  • ME490
  • ME491
* Please note, to make searching the device number (M Number) easier, we have only listed the part numbers (First 5 characters), we have removed the region numbers as there is no difference in parts. For example, if "M Number" is "MC922LL/A". we remove the "region" portion and everything after (the "LL/A" at the end) leaving us with "MC922".
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Installation Help

zero cycle

Watch the video above or checkout the step-by-step guide below for assistance in completing this repair

iFixit iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Guide


After completing your repair, calibrate your newly installed battery by charging it to 100% and then charging for a further two hours. Use your iPhone until it shuts off due to low battery, and finally, charge it uninterrupted to 100% again

safety certification

Here is some tools you may need to help you complete the repair.

Please note: This battery comes with a simple toolkit, please check the "what's in the box" section for details


Here are some helpful tips to assist you in completing a safe repair on your device. If you are unsure of something or have any quesions, please feel free to contact us either by phone (0508 IGADGET) or by email

  • Always track your screws to avoid putting back in the wrong place and damaging your device. You can draw a picture of your phone and tape the screws to the right places or use a magnetic screw mat
  • Always power down your device prior to working on it
  • Make sure you always unplug the battery before attemping any component removal
  • Before removing your battery, discharge the battery to below 25%. A charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire or explode if punctured or damaged
  • Removing the old battery adhesive can be frustrating, we recommend grabbing the tabs with tweezers and rolling the adhesive up the tweezers until it is gone. It may also be helpful to remove modular components that might be in the way at the bottom for better access. Also check out this video for more adhesive removal tips.
  • If your newly installed battery is draining fast or shutting off randomly, try the following steps to resolve it
    • Open up the device and unplug the battery
    • Check the phone and battery connector for rogue bits of foam or debris and remove
    • Plug the battery connector back into the phone making sure it is seated correctly (should hear an audible click)
    • Inspect the flex cable to make sure there is no strain on it when the battery is plugged in. If there is any strain you may need to remove the battery and reposition (higher, lower, closer, further away from connector) so that the cable sits without stretch. If the cable is pushing against the bottom of the phone chassis, the cable may need to be reshaped to sit comfortably.
    • Put phone back together and turn on
    • Once you reach the home screen, perform a force restart by pressing and holding both the power button and the Home button until the apple logo appears.

If the new battery or the battery in your device is swollen or damaged during repair, take the proper precautions


You cannot dispose of old batteries in your general waste. Find recycling e-waste centres online or take to your local refuse station.

What’s In The Box

  • 1x iPhone 5 Replacement Battery
  • 1x Replacement Battery Adhesive
  • 1x Simple replacement toolkit
    • 1x Small plastic handle phillips #000 screwdriver
    • 1x Small plastic handle P2 pentalobe screwdriver
    • 1x Small plastic handle flathead screwdriver
    • 1x Small suction cup
    • 1x Small blue spudger
    • 1x Opening pick
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