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AY A108 Box Programmer for iPhone Battery/Screen True Tone/Face ID Repair

Is the Face ID on your latest iPhone no longer responding to your commands? Have you tried multiple times to enable the Face ID feature through the settings of your smartphone but it just won’t work? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place to find the best solution for your smartphone.


Apple has been long hailed as a technological marvel and its decision to introduce Face ID to the general public, was nothing short of another great move for the business. Face ID allows you to tap into your device, make payments, download apps and various other services without having to login with a passcode each time. You just need to look at your phone. That said, the Face ID on your device can stop working properly sometimes and it can be a nightmare for your poor thumbs and even more of a headache to get fixed. 


Thankfully, the AY A108 Box Multifunctional Restore Programmer for iPhone saves you from this trouble and fixes your device for you at an affordable rate. This repair box holds the ability to fix the Face ID for iPhone 8 to 12 models. It comes with the following repair parts:


  • 1* A108 BOX Programmer
  • 1* Manual
  • 1* Battery Detection Module
  • 1* Dot Projector Detection Module


There are two detection modules (Battery and Face ID repair module) available in the kit. The first thing you need to do is pick up the A108 box and attach it with the Face ID repair module and a flex cable (flex cables are purchased separately and are model specific). The best part about the AY A108 box is that you don’t need to solder any flex cables to use the repair box. All you need to do is replace the dot matrix flex cable directly as per your requirements.


Before setting up the programmer, you’ll need to first download the software by visiting ay2.cn, where you can register your account and install the ch341 driver for the A108. After installing the driver, you shall be able to connect the A108 programmer to your laptop or your PC. Once connected, you’ll find the upgrade device button on your display and click on it.


Next, open up your smartphone and disconnect its battery, its screen, and the front flex, and take out the true depth camera system. Then attach the dot projector of your iPhone to the A108 programmer. Next, go to your PC and select the Test option on your screen. This option will allow you to read all your serial data. After this, restart your iPhone, connect it to your PC, and click on trust. Wait until the cloud backup option appears on your screen and click on it and finally activate the dot projector.


Now that the entire repair setup process is complete, you need to take out a tag on flex, connect it to your programmer, and click on the cloud burn option on your PC. In a nutshell, this entire ordeal of setting up the A108 programmer is much faster than setting up a soldered version of the repair box. After this, attach the tag on flex to your smartphone and insert the true depth camera in its original position as well. Next up, all you need to do is restart your device and test your rebooted Face ID!


The A108 Box Restore Programmer is a game changer in this technical arena because it allows users to read and write information about the battery, Face ID, and other important data about your device. So, if you’re facing issues with the battery and Face ID of your iPhone, then it’s time for you to bid goodbye to the soldered repair programmer versions and embrace the latest A108 Box Restore Programmer!