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To Protect Or Not To Protect? Apple Watch Screen Protector Debate

You have just dropped a large amount on a new Apple Watch and you’re puzzled because Apple says ‘no need to protect it’? Yes, the Apple Watch is engineered to withstand a few falls but we look at the risks and the solution. We look at Apple watch screen protectors NZ today!

What Apple Says

The head honchos in Apple Kingdom (it is a kingdom, surely?) say that the watch screen is inherently scratch-resistant, durable materials. “They” say that it won’t shatter if you accidentally drop it. But dropping it is not the only risk in life and shattering is also not the only threat. A scratch, abrasion or chemical discolouration will also be heartstopping on such a prized possession (well, for us at iGadget at least).

We put screen protectors on phones and iPads so why are we suddenly going to be “accident-free” with our watch when it is exposed even more than phones and iPads!

But let’s work through the debate.

To Use An Apple Watch Screen Protector NZ Or Not?

So, according to the above commentary, you don’t need a screen protector but adding another layer of protection is so much easier than fighting Apple when the dreaded scratch, abrasion or break day comes. Hybrid glass screen protectors are a formidable layer of protection and spread the shock force of any impact. 

An Apple Watch can set you back as much as a new phone so protecting it is not you being paranoid - you’re being sensible. 

So Will Your Apple Watch Never Scratch?

Your Apple watch is scratch resistant, not scratch proof and in there lies your risk factor. It won’t scratch easily but it CAN scratch.

Remember Apple’s big dog and pony show about the Apple Watch 7 not scratching? Well, google it and you will find buyers reporting scratched screens. Apple probably didn’t comment because their foot was in their mouth.

Some stoic people might say “it adds character” and “shows you are an adventurous type”. Raspberry sounds to that - we want our very expensive, beautiful watches to always look beautiful. Would you wear a tuxedo or ball gown with an oil stain on it? No!

So choosing to buy an apple watch screen protector will keep your precious asset in sleek, elegant condition for as long you want it to!

What Can Damage An Apple Watch?

Your sleek Apple watch can be damaged by various chemical compounds as well as certain textures.  Something as simple as erroneously having a shower while wearing the watch can affect the screen when it is in contact with soap, washes, hair treatments etc. The chemical can also make the watertight seals degrade and if there is a tiny hairline crack in your screen - bang goes your watch and you are liable.

Don’t hesitate, protect your precious watch with an Apple watch screen protector NZ today.

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