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How Car Phone Holders are Going to Make Your Drive Safer and Easier

We’ve all been there…trying to navigate using a map app on your phone all the while trying to pay attention to the road ahead. What about trying to find your favourite song to sing along to while someone is trying to overtake you. Without a phone holder in the correct placement, not only can these processes be highly frustrating, but it can be incredibly dangerous too. Driving requires us to be 100% focused on what is happening around us!

As phone holder experts in NZ, we have become well aware of the benefits that these holders have to offer you. 

Phone Holders for a Modern Life

As much as some of us hate to admit it, the vast majority of us are somewhat attached to our phones and rely on them for a wide variety of applications. Car phone holders allow you to still make use of your phone, such as music apps, navigation apps, and answering calls, while driving but without jeopardising your safety. This is because you only need one hand to close an app, skip a song or answer a phone call. It is actually recommended that you use voice control so you do not need to use your hands at all. 

A phone holder holds your phone in place on the dashboard or windscreen, preventing you from having to look down if the phone were in your lap.

Using your phone while driving without a car phone holder also makes you run the risk of dropping your phone and potentially damaging it. A car phone holder safely holds your phone in place with a sturdy grip.

As a driver you have a responsibility to be responsible for the safety of your passengers and other drivers, so investing in a car phone holder is a great way to start.

Our Car Phone Holders in NZ

Here at iGadget we aim to offer you a wide range of high quality car phone holders in NZ! In addition to this we also offer bike mounts and car chargers. Make travelling with your phone all the easier with a mount. These accessories also make great gifts to friends or family. Anyone who owns a phone and a vehicle should have a phone holder in NZ.

Are you looking to buy a car phone holder in NZ? Browser our online catalogue at iGadget or get in touch with us for more details!

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