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Signs You Need a Mac Battery Replacement

The unfortunate thing about Mac batteries is that they are only designed to last for a certain number of charge cycles, and this number decreases if you don’t charge your battery fully and if you don’t look after your device properly. There comes a time for every Mac user when they will need a mach battery replacement. But what are some of the warning signs that may be indicating that you need to replace your battery.

As experts in mac battery replacements, here are some of the warning signs.

Unexpected Shutdown

Is your laptop shutting down unexpectedly? This can be extremely annoying and while it can mean that you have a problem other than your battery, unexpected shutdowns are usually related to a worn out battery.

Not lasting as Long as it Used to?

Did a full charge used to last you a couple of hours no matter what you were using your laptop for? And now it only lasts you 10 to 15 minutes? This is a clear sign that your battery is deteriorating and that you should have it replaced as soon as possible. 


When your device overheats, you should be met with a pop up window that informs you so. In other cases, you may be able to feel with your hands that your device is a lot hotter than usual. And this is something to be concerned about. In some cases you could replace the fan, but it is more often than not something to do with the battery.

Why Replace Your Battery

Theoretically you could just use your device while plugged in. But what happens in the case of a power outage? You could be at risk of losing all of your work. If you don’t replace your battery at the necessary time, other components of your device could begin to fail. 

Allow the team at iGadget to Handle Your Mac Battery Replacement

Here at iGadget, we are a reliable team of gadget professionals who know everything there is to know about Mac battery replacement. You could bring your device into our premises and we can handle the swap for you, or we can deliver your new battery to you. We are based in New Zealand and have a very good reputation behind us, and have served many satisfied customers over the years.

Interested in Mac battery replacement? Get in touch with us on 0508 IGADGET

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