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How To Know When Your MacBook Pro Needs A Screen Replacement

While your MacBook Pro is designed to last a very long time, eventually, some things will start to malfunction over time.  One of these is your screen.  When you experience some problems with your screen, you may wonder if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Read on to learn more about the circumstances that will require a MacBook Pro screen replacement.

A Flickering Screen

Computer screens flicker all the time at such a fast rate that your eyes cannot perceive it.  However, with a screen malfunction, that flicker rate can change, which can negatively impact your eyes, even to the extent of causing eye fatigue and eye strain.

If your MacBook Pro screen is visibly flickering, a replacement may be necessary.  First, try restarting your MacBook a couple of times.  If the flickering problem persists, it may be caused by a hardware problem that necessitates a MacBook Pro screen replacement.

A Black Screen

If you get a black screen on booting, it is usually an indication of corrupt information on the startup disc.  Try to reboot your MacBook in safe mode and see if you can force it to run diagnostics on your system.  However, if you continue getting a black screen, it is a sure sign of hardware failure, and it is probably time for a Macbook Pro screen replacement.

The Flexgate Display Problem

Flexgate is described as a backlight display problem that can arise with some MacBook models caused by a faulty flex cable. Wear and tear on the cable is caused by the opening and closing of the lid of the MacBook.  Unfortunately, the flex cable is integrated with the screen, so if you are experiencing a stage light effect, backlight failure or graphic glitches, you may require a MacBook Pro screen replacement. 

Dark Or Bright Dots On Your Screen

If your screen begins to display specific dark or light dots or sections of your screen, it could be either a hardware or a software failure. If you have run diagnostics on your MacBook and have not found any problems, the issue could be a hardware one, meaning you will need a MacBook Pro screen replacement.

Contact iGadget today for all your MacBook Pro screen replacement requirements. If you browser though our website, you will see that we stock a large selection of MacBook screens, so you are sure to find the right one for your model.

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