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Find Out Which iPhone Charger Cables Are Best For Your Phone

Since iPhones first came out in 2007, there have been changes to the iPhone charger cables used with the different models. Original models required a 30-pin connector, while the newer phones now have a Lightning connector.

When you need new iPhone charger cables, you can check this handy guide to ensure that you are getting the correct one for your phone.

30-Pin iPhone Charger Cables

The first iPhone models made use of a 30-pin connector. It was also commonly used on iPods and early generation iPads. These days, if you are still using one of these old devices, you can get an adapter that will convert the 30-pin connector to a Lightning connector.

Lightning To USB-A iPhone Charger Cables

iPhone models released since late 2012 are charged via an 8-pin Lightning connector. This small, thin connection port allows Apple to make really slim iPhones. This Lightning connector option allows for connecting your iPhone to your power adapter, car, computer, laptop and other accessories. These lightning connectors are also great for transferring files, syncing and backing up your iPhone to your computer or laptop.

Lightning To USB-C iPhone Charger Cables

The latest iPhone models use the newer USB-C to Lightning charger cables that support fast charging and are compatible with USB-C power adapters, laptops and computer ports. This is very convenient as many new devices, such as the latest MacBooks, only have USB-C ports.

For your peace of mind, though, newer model iPhones can be charged with both Lightning to USB-A and Lightning to USB-C cables. However, the USB-C iPhone charger cables and power adapter offer the fastest charging speeds.

Advantages Of An Elbow Bend Connector

When shopping around for new iPhone charger cables, you might see that they are also available in an elbow-bend option and wonder why someone would choose this. These cleverly designed cables attach to your iPhone at a 90-degree angle. This is advantageous and much more comfortable when you need to charge your device while watching videos, playing games, reading and possibly lying in bed or on the couch.

To buy your new iPhone charger cables today, contact iGadget and browse all the choices on our website, including the handy elbow bend option and also various cable lengths. We provide high-quality parts and accessories for all types of devices that we have sourced from manufacturers all over the world. Our warranties and after-sales service will give you are top notch.

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