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Find Out About The Best Car Phone Holders In NZ

Knowing when to put your phone down is an important skill, sometimes even a legal obligation, such as when you are driving. This can get you into sticky situations when not knowing the exact route to your destination or needing to pick up an important call, or even just being able to manage your music without taking your eyes off the road.

If you are looking for something to solve these problems, have a look into buying car phone holders in NZ. They are quick and easy to install and help fulfil some essential functions.  

How Can Car Phone Holders In NZ Help You?

  • They will hold your phone firmly- the unique gravity mount systems ensure this by pulling in the securing arms using the phone's weight.
  • They will place your phone in a convenient place like the windshield, on the dashboard, or anywhere with a smooth surface.
  • They will enable you to change the viewing angle so that the phone can be positioned wherever necessary for whoever needs to view it in the vehicle.
  • They will provide ease of inserting and removing the phone, enabling you to quickly and effortlessly do this with one hand.

After reviewing which holder to purchase, you will notice that many include the use of magnets to hold the phone in place. There is no need to worry that these magnets may affect your smartphone. Your phone's components, GPS, and cellular signal are safe in a car phone holder because the magnets used are not strong enough to affect them. 

There Are Different Types Of Car Phone Holders In NZ

One or more models can frequently suit your specific needs, phone size, and placement options. The most popular choice is the suction cup windshield/dash mount, as these offer excellent visibility and maneuverability and are extremely easy to install and remove from your car. 

Similar to these are the vent mounted car phone holders. These are smaller and have a lower position, and while they might obstruct some air from coming through the vent, they take up less space. This type of holder might need further research in determining if they are compatible with your car's air vents.

To learn more about which type of mount you should consider, contact iGadget today.  We have an excellent selection of high-quality car phone holders in NZ. These car mounts come in a range of colours and fitting options, so you are sure to find the one that perfectly suits your needs.

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