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All You Need To Know About An Apple Wireless Charger, NZ

Wireless chargers have gone from a “raised eyebrows” market attitude to sold out in a very short space of time. The Apple wireless charger NZ leads the pack in its market segment like its cousins the AirPods do. Kids of the future will look at photos and wonder what the black or white spaghetti is near every PlayStation or AV cabinet. Most companies have bought into the Qi charging standard which is better for the planet - less in landfills, less logistics and fairer consumer treatment.

If you have not switched to wireless then here is all you need to know about it to help your decision on the Apple wireless charger, NZ.

How Does An Apple Wireless Charger Function?

We have all been incorrectly taught how ACDC electricity moves along our electrical cables. We have always been shown diagrams of how it races along the “tube”. It doesn’t - it radiates out of the cable and builds fields around the whole cable. Wireless charging harnesses this behaviour and transfers energy via a field created between the AC charge of the wireless charger (which is plugged into a wall socket) and the DC charge of your phone or iPad (iPad 2022 onwards only) when touching. And, hey presto, your battery starts charging.

Now prepare to fall off your feet - the first display of this type of charging started over one hundred and thirty years ago with Nikola Tesla!

Is An Apple Wireless Charger Fast?

The market standard for wireless chargers is ten watts of electricity speed with a rare few offering fifteen watts. 

Plug-in wired charging adapters offer up to thirty watts. 

The reduction of the watts is due to heat considerations which is an outcome of wireless charging. Too much heat is not good for your phone nor its battery and that’s why a ten-watt apple wireless charger, NZ, is a good choice. 

This heat factor is overlooked by many iPhone users who charge their phones on a wired charger overnight, which is not good. The phone charges in an hour or less and sits plugged in for 7 hours more. This will shorten the phone and battery’s lifespan.

More Notes On The Apple Wireless Charger NZ

A phone case can hamper the electrical field and slow down the charging process. You must also make an effort to line up your iPhone charging point with the Apple wireless charger charging point or you won’t get optimal charging speed.

As technology improves, as it always has, so will the charging speed. 

Considering the convenience of no cable, and the fact that most people leave their phone charging for ages, the slower charge time is definitely not a dealbreaker.

Get your Apple wireless charger NZ today and enjoy the convenience.

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