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7 Must-Have Phone Accessories NZ

In many ways, our cell phones have become extensions of ourselves. And if we want to protect them, have them function correctly, and show off a bit of our personal style, then phone accessories are the way to go. There are so many to choose from so it may be difficult knowing which ones are worth the hype.As stockists of a wide array of different phone accessories in NZ, here are iGadget’s top 7 phone accessories that are definitely worth getting.

Screen Protector

A screen protector is an absolute must. These days display screens can be so delicate that a single fall can set you back hundreds of dollars. Protect your purchase by investing in a glass screen protector for your phone.


A case protects your phone even further than a screen protector. It protects the back of your phone, the sides and often the front too. A phone case also allows you to show off a bit more of your personality through different colours and patterns.

Car Mounts

If you use your phone for navigating then you absolutely need to buy a car mount for your phone where you can have it clearly in sight and get you to your destination on time. No more fumbling with your phone in your lap!

Car Chargers

Keeping your phone charged when going on long journeys is absolutely imperative. You need it for directions, music, and safety after all! Even better, if you're phone is wireless charging capable, the wireless car chargers will add a lot more ease to charging in the car. That being said, a car charger is a must!

Waterproof Bags

If you are the adventurous type that likes to go hiking, kayaking etc, then you will definitely get a lot out of a waterproof bag for your phone. Phones can be very delicate when it comes to water so best protect them!

Finger Rings

Finger rings have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. They are used to give you better control of your phone and they can also be used to prop your phone up. They come in a range of different designs to suit your style.


Headphones are the classic phone accessory and it’s always good to invest in a new pair every now and then.

Looking to purchase the above-mentioned phone accessories in NZ? Here at iGadget we sell all of the these phone accessories in NZ. Feel free to browse our extensive website where you can find all of these products, or get in touch with us should you have any questions.

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